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Fantasy art / comic illustration 'Archmage of the Universe': Solarrin the minotaur conjures furious magic in Archmage of the Universe

Archmage of the Universe

© Brian Vigue

Once his body was as twisted as his mind... now his physical and magical prowess is without equal. He is Solarrin. Though born a gnome, his soul now inhabits the powerful form of a minotaur by means of the darkest of sorceries. Through murder and deceit, he has gained the tide of Archmage of Thanis. His goal is nothing less than all-out devastation and war. The harassment of a rag-tag band of thieves cannot stop him. The malicious spite of one bitter Librarian cannot hold a candle to his evil. The nobles dare not risk his wrath. And the only ones who might have stood a chance against him have fled on the ultimate fool's crusade— to try and bring his predecessor, the Archmage Talus Yor, back from the dead.