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Fantasy art / comic illustration 'Fiona & Hewie': Fiona and Hewie from the Haunting Ground video game

Fiona & Hewie

© Brian Vigue

Haunting Ground is a survival horror game for the PS2. Fiona, in a characteristically cautious state, and Hewie, a white german shepherd she meets along the way, are the main protagonists. The plot is a bit twisted, as expected of a horror video game, involving the villain's need to pass on his clone genetics through a half alchemic, half old-fashioned birthing process with his not-quite-family member. Fiona's drafty short skirt and jiggle-effect seem appropriate for these sexual themes. In the spirit of "it's better to watch things than it is to do things", I never played this game. My wife and I power-streamed the entire Let's Play series, presented by Cryaotic, while working on art, game programming, and the usual Renaissance stuff we do.

I had finished filling in the right side of the background when severe summer blues crept in, so I couldn't have cared less about the dog at that time. Finishing Fiona was good enough for a while until nearly a year later when I determined that it's just not a Haunting Ground image without Hewie. So why was I really compelled to draw Fiona? I simply like video game characters who remind me of Bluette!