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Bluette's bio pin-up


Created: December 31, 1995

Other physical information: Bluette always wears hoop earrings and has a butterfly tattoo on her inner right thigh.

Occupation: Exotic dancer, singer and lead guitarist for the band Blade Ballet.

Habits: Bluette likes parties, dancing, flirting, wearing provocative clothing and making herself the center of attention. She'll make fun of stupid-looking men and "skinny girls" whenever she gets the chance.

Classic BluetteHistory: Bluette first appeared in Good vs. Medieval's What Goes Around as a common damsel with a knack of always getting into trouble. She was first discovered caged inside a dragon's lair, and introduced herself by quipping that she "blew it again", thus she earned her name. Immediately after being rescued, she was paired with the equally arrogant and shallow Wondero but eventually became so sick of his idiocy, she tried to kill him. This failed, however; it was she who met her demise and ultimate destruction by being shot in the back with an arrow, then later tossed into a volcano. But Bluette's horrible death did not mean the end of her. She was just too pretty to be forgotten. A pictorial series started in 1998, and her new life began.

Bluette today: What can I say? She's a bitch— a selfish, demanding prima donna. She thinks she's perfect, and that's still not good enough. Unmotivated and too good for a challenge, she'll use her charms and sex appeal to get what she wants. She prefers to surround herself with men, for she enjoys playing with them like puppets. Manipulation is her true strength; she can utilize it to get through tough situations or merely for enjoyment. Most women are snubbed with a turned-up nose; in Bluette's mind, they don't deserve to share the same air as she. The world is her stage, and riffraff with tiny chests need not audition. Bluette's physical principle is that any strenuous activity should be done either for enjoyment or the necessity of staying fit. She will spend hours doing aerobics at the gym but will also find the closest parking spot so she won't have to walk far to the door. She speaks with a confident, sophisticated voice, but her intellect is indeed a product of doing very little for herself. Sometimes she will blurt out ridiculous assessments common of a dimwitted blonde but will quickly realize her error and turn her nose up as if it never happened. Rarely does she attempt an unknown task herself.

Fashion-wise, Bluette loves bright, flashy colors, experimental styles, and anything that shows off her legs or accentuates her breasts— whatever attracts attention. Hobbies include modeling, which came naturally, and playing guitar. This she was taught at an impressionable age before becoming holier than thou. She will brag about her musical talent, but her lack of "unnecessary" practice is nothing to be proud of, and the Blade Ballet project usually remains on hiatus.

Celest is the only woman that Bluette respects, and this is probably due to Celest agreeably knowing her place in the pecking order. The two are best friends and regular lovers, though Bluette calls herself uncommitted as she likes to explore other areas, too. Inversely, there tends to be friction between Bluette and Centura. Bluette simply doesn't understand the crazy redheaded witch and, like all things she doesn't understand, will often ignore or demean her without fear. In pictures that feature the trio, Bluette and Centura seldom interact with each other.

Celest's bio pin-up


Created: January 1, 1998

Other physical information: None.

Occupation: Freelance outerwear designer, bass guitarist for the band Blade Ballet.

Habits: Celest likes outdoor activities such as exploring, wilderness adventures, cycling, canoeing, and other strenuous activities. If stuck inside, she'll read books on history— anything to increase her knowledge or wisdom.

Classic CelestHistory: Celest shares the same sign as Bluette and almost the same birthday, although Celest came onto the scene two years later in a separate Good vs. Medieval adventure. Her expertise in cave exploration and archeology once made her a target of the forces of darkness, and like her blonde counterpart, she too was taken captive. Only difference was— Celest was never rescued! Our heroes actually lost interest in looking for her, and the story was never finished. This left Celest very insecure, and she's had a fear of being forgotten ever since. To some, this would mean the start of a more competitive lifestyle, but rather than pointlessly trying to one-up Bluette, Celest chose to hitch onto the queen B's popularity.

Celest today: Of the trio, Celest is the strongest, smartest, most disciplined and well-behaved. She's also the quiet one, which leads her to think that she's also insignificant, and that a repeat of being stranded might reoccur. Being a designer of backpacks and boots, Celest's occupation neighbors that of something Bluette favors greatly— fashion design— and oftentimes she will be hounded to change careers. Celest always seems to have one foot planted in practicality and the other on the wild side. Her conundrum is a difficult one, for she finds constant exposure to Bluette's raunchiness morally stressful. Friends say that she should pursue a meaningful life with her first love, archeology, rather than grow stale succumbing to Bluette's bad influences. But Celest is a dedicated, traditional type; the notion of family always wins out. She binds the trio; she is the buffer, the cool head who eases hostility between the other two with wise, caring words. Sometimes the stress can be too much, so Celest will use outdoor activity as an escape, taking up to an entire week off from her "family". It's then she hopes to make additional friends. Stamina and fitness is one area she'll instigate competition but in a sporting way. She won't brag about her good looks. Her superior intelligence, though, sometimes lends to playful jabs toward her girlfriends, but these usually fly over their heads anyway.

Celest's ensemble consists mostly of earth-toned casual wear to compliment her lifestyle. When out partying, she fancies skin-tight leather. Other areas of interest include antiquing and cooking exotic meals. Playing bass guitar for Blade Ballet was by Bluette's insistence, but Celest actually does this well through dedication and practice. Still, she doesn't see it as a noteworthy accomplishment.

Celest used to be straight as an arrow until she fell for Bluette's charms. Now she gives her full devotion to the blonde, though sometimes she questions why. Is her love true or is she just in desperate need of some kind of security? Nevertheless, she's honored to be the only respected female in Bluette's eyes. Celest accepts Centura begrudgingly. Her biggest problem is that many people mistake the redhead for her; both their names starting with "Ce" and both sporting wavy hair doesn't help. She doesn't dare make Centura upset for fear of being hexed.

Centura's bio pin-up


Created: March 11, 1999

Other physical information: Centura has multiple piercings along her ear ridge and will often dye her hair black.

Occupation: Night watch person, drummer for the band Blade Ballet.

Habits: Housing the rudimentary soul of a demon, Centura practices forms of witchcraft and attempts to make friends with spirits, especially evil ones.

History: When Bluette and Celest collaborated on Blade Ballet, Bluette saw a problem: you can't be the center of attention when only two subjects are involved. So Centura was hired to round off the piece. She started out quiet and timid, allowing the other girls to boss her around while maintaining a smile. Then when she learned about their respectively pitiful run-ins with Good vs. Medieval, she stepped up to the plate and demonstrated "the proper way to do it"— as an evil nemesis possessed by a powerful demon. The heroes eventually vanquished Centura in the end but could not completely exorcise the dark forces within her.

Centura today: Having accepted and embraced the trait that makes her a "one-of-a-kind special person," Centura takes pleasure in creeping out others. She threatens bodily harm to people who irritate her, but whether she follows through is yet to be witnessed. She wishes to someday do magic. At one time she interacted with her girlfriends quite pleasantly in pictorial role-plays, but recently such things became a chore. She now speaks very little, grumbles, and glares at them a lot. She claims to dislike interaction with other people, but this is untrue. How else could she earn the gratification of laughing at human misery if no one's around to cause it? With this type of attitude, it's difficult to say what her sexual preference is, or if she's even a virgin. This is the biggest target of jabs by Bluette, who doesn't buy the whole evil spirit act. In return, Centura will often ridicule Bluette's fear of fire, snakes, and bugs— something that doesn't work so well against nature-child Celest, but a simple "ooga-booga" usually keeps her in check. This puts Centura in the position of being the practical joker of the trio. If in a sunny or cheerful environment, she'll pass the time lounging, reading, snacking, and daydream about some kind of disaster that would make the current setting more exciting. If caught in a party with her girlfriends, she'll seek out a shaded spot and keep downing alcohol until either she loosens up enough to interact, conjures a spell that works, or passes out.

Centura prefers to wear goth-style outfits: leather, chains, spikes, etc. Sometimes she'll exceed on make-up to fashion her face like a porcelain doll's or a true demon's. Centura collects weapons and various macabre artifacts— some of these she stole from Celest. She plays drums for Blade Ballet with a great amount of intensity, as if she's taking out her frustrations of the world on them. It's very difficult for the band to perform a slow number.

Centura loves to intimidate Celest and enjoys pointing out that her demon friends were the ones responsible for kidnapping the brunette in the first place, calling it a "small world", and she knows Celest will back down from otherworldly threats. There used to be a pecking order between the two in favor of Celest, but that's been abolished. Friction ever increases between Centura and Bluette. The leash is a symbol of Bluette's control over the trio, but Centura wears it proudly, and this alone unsettles the blonde. In the wake of especially bratty rifts, Centura resumes brushing up on her dark magic and wishes to someday take down the queen B.