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Fantasy Art and Comics: Art of Akroma, Angel of Wrath, from Magic: the Gathering (skeakroma)

Akroma, Angel of Wrath


This illustration occurred during a deep artistic slump. Magic: the Gathering, brought to us by Wizards of the Coast, was big among my wife and friends at the time, with the sexy Akroma, Angel of Wrath, being the hottest thing around. So I proposed a challenge: the three most artistically inclined in our game shop circle would each draw a version of the voluptuous, purple-haired angel. I guess the slump was more like pent-up energy with not only the satisfactory completion of Akroma, but an entire Magic: the Gathering poster. The poster had been featured on Vigistry.com since its completion in 2007, but its popularity doesn't compare to this solo version of Akroma posted three years later. What MtG artist Lars Grant-West told me was true: less is more. It's gained substantial recognition and can be found all over the Internet. This image has even appeared in online galleries among official Magic Card art. Spiffy!

Vigistry's Akroma is also very popular among custom card crafters who "forage" for artwork. These four Akroma Magic Cards include Angel of Vengeance, Angel of Valor, and even Angel of Cleavage! Akroma wears a lot of hats and snaps a lot of bras, indeed.

August 2013 update: here's another batch of Akroma cards, featuring a Spanish Akroma and a curious one named Karein, Angel of War. Many of these card makers are decent enough to put Brian Vigue or Vig-aka-Weed, my DeviantArt name, as the artist credit, but with all the social media and the "glorified art thief" called Pinterest, keeping tabs on this one is a monumental task, which is why I planted this watermarked Akroma, Angel of Wrath artwork flag.

Januray 2014 update: Akroma was featured in "Making Magic Happen", a benefit auction for MtG artist and cancer victim, Cyril van der Haegen. As promoter Joel Goggin puts it, "Brian is (in)famous for creating the alternate artwork of Akroma, Angel of Wrath which has been called 'official' artwork by many fans." Again, one fan-made piece displayed among tables of official prints and artist's proofs. Vigistry's Akroma is a real chameleon in the Magic: the Gathering community.