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Fantasy Art and Comics: Uncle Henry's, Maine's swap or sell-it guide

Aunt Celest


Uncle Henry's Swap or Sell-It Guide is a popular classifieds publication that for its four decade history has been called "The Maine Bible". This buy-sell-and-trade booklet is still going strong and has evolved into a powerful form of cyberspace buy-sell-and-trade, too. They even had a short-lived TV show on the History Channel called Down East Dickering. A snowmobile for an ATV, a used car for vinyl siding; Maine's colorful locals grab their Uncle Henry's on Thursday morning and make their dickering rounds.

The little advertisement paster guy and his dog are Maine icons, but Celest is the only person, fictional or otherwise, to pull off a cosplay. As a former Uncle Henry's book builder, I created four years worth of covers including some really creative costumes for the duo during Halloween and Christmas. Celest, however, never made it onto an official book. I guess the Uncle Henry's crowd understands buy-sell-swapping over gender-swapping.

Uncle Henrys Swap or Sell It Guide featured on History Channel Down East Dickering
A convenience store counter mainstay