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Fantasy Art and Comics: Apocrypha's Wulfie impersonates a certain Doctor Who companion, with sonic screwdriver and Tardis

Bad Wulfie


It's about time I drew another gal from AK Cyrway's Apocrypha universe. I love Wulfie and all her spunkiness. AK loves Doctor Who, with a particular fondness for the Bad Wolf. Well, that connection was just too obvious to pass up! Although this picture is in the Fan Art section, I doubt Doctor Who and Apocrypha have ever crossed paths, in which case it would all be the daydream of an autistic dalek. But it wouldn't surprise me if Wulfie were a Whovian who parades around in a Union Jack shirt. That's not a Tardis; it's an ordinary police box, and Wulfie just bought the sonic screwdriver off of eBay and decided to take it on an adventure, probably sugar, caffeine, and video game subliminals induced. After all, something's got to be done about that Gallifreyan chupacabra.