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Fantasy Art and Comics: Black Roses

Black Roses


A string of horrific, inexplicable murders. A single black rose left at the scene of each crime. And in the peaceful coastal town of Trinity Bay, Theresa Zane has just met the man of her dreams. Literally.

He is an incubus, with the power to touch the sleeping minds of women and waken their darkest and most hidden desires. His influence turns wives against husbands, mothers against sons, friends against friends. No one is safe. Theresa least of all. For it is Theresa he wants. Theresa he must have. He will do anything to win her. Anything at all. Even kill.

The haunting image of black roses will lead Theresa to Seacliff, a house with a troubled past. But not even the help of three dead girls and a mysterious necklace may be enough to save her.