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Fantasy Art and Comics: Busty damsel Bluette strikes a pose inside her castle

Bluette Again


Bluette was introduced to Vigistry on New Year's Eve, 1995 as an ordinary distressed damsel in an epic Good vs. Medieval adventure. Aside from her corny catchphrase of "I Bluette again", for an initial description she looked rather ordinary, a very typical golden-haired, white-gowned, fair maiden of castle fantasy. Throughout 1995 I've drawn a handful of these no-named damsels and princesses in colored pencil, and immediately their collective image was applied to Bluette. A good example of this profile is the princess from early 1996's "Turning Tail". That could very well have been Bluette, but when the writing picked up again later that year, the once prop maiden took on a new life and started commanding some scenes with a snarky, and at times sinister persona. She outgrew her white gown (in many ways) and needed a sassier look to match her personality.

New designs were drawn up and finalized by 1997, shortly before the story was completed. The end result for Bluette: she was shot in the back and then disposed of in a volcano. Not much from that story was timeless; Good vs. Medieval lived on in a literary sense, but their supporting characters were forgotten— except this one.

I had drawn enough nameless damsels; I wanted to start pimping a regular creation, and this long-legged curvaceous beauty with toxic attitude fit the bill. She even prompted a new, more dynamic drawing style with emphasized curves, especially in the breast area. So now that Bluette was resurrected and happy, her first full-scene piece of fantasy comic art places her in a castle reminiscent of her Good vs. Medieval origins, yet far away from any volcanoes.