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Fantasy Art and Comics: Bluette celebrates her sixteenth birthday on New Year's Eve in Times Square

Bluette's Sweet Sassy Sixteen


Long ago, before clubs, sociality, and alcohol consumption, all I had was a radio, a notebook, some stupid story ideas, and a quiet holiday to write them all down. Thus, one New Year's Eve in 1995, a hapless damsel named Bluette (who blew it again!) was born. For a character to start off so secondary and prop-like, I never expected her to eventually rule Vigistry the way she did. Well, I saw this dreaded day coming. The sweet sixteen party is every girl's chance to be a real brat, and Bluette just magnifies the attitude. Look, she thinks the New Year's Eve party in Times Square is all for her— probably booted Rihanna or some other fly-by-night musical act off the stage to demand all the attention. Such self fixation!