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Fantasy Art and Comics: Sexy Easter bunny girls play pranks with a basket of eggs

Bunny Girl Mischief


Warmth is in the air, and the forest is awash with pastel colors. Spring is here, and with it comes Easter and its delightful pagan overtones. Bluette, donned in a lovely yellow dress, put all her eggs into one basket, and the sexy bunny girls play pranks by switching them out with— rocks? Grenades? Bath salts? Ooh, I smell sequel! I love Centura's hairstyle in this one, and the hand-painted Bob Ross style cabin in the woods didn't turn out so bad, either.

So this is it. This is the last Bluette and co picture on Vigistry. I've decided that my work should now promote wholesome, Christian values that great American families applaud. April Fools! Yes, in 2018 we get an April Fool's Easter. Book your rapture today! Who says life doesn't have a sense of humor?