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Fantasy Art and Comics: Transformers comics drawn by Cavalierconvoy and colored by Vigistry

Cavalier Comics


Can you believe I've never done an art collab with my own wife until now? As of fall 2016, there's been heightened interest in creating comic pages of various Transformers series, probably because IDW is all that and a bag of energon wafers. The staff credits are quite numerous for only three people being involved in the creation process. My wife is the illustrator/inker; real name AK Cyrway, online handle @Cavalierconvoy, OC name Artemis Prime. Scripting and general masterminding is by online handle @Skidblast, OC name Surveyor, real name [requires too many special characters to remember]. And I tried my hand at coloring (that's online handle @Vigistry, OC name— if you really wanna go back— Weed). Let's see what's in the library today.

Artemis Prime and Surveyor

Thought You Were Dead

Artemis Prime and Surveyor do a PSA about friendly fire.

IDW's More than Meets the Eye comic


Deleted scene from IDW's "More than Meets the Eye" comic involving Skids, Chromedome, and Brainstorm.