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Fantasy Art and Comics: An introverted chemist and carefree spirit cross paths in Crossroads of Souls

Crossroads of Souls


Destiny. How is it defined? Is there a predetermined cosmic outline that dictates how we all must live? If so, what is the meaning of an existence that is foretold, especially one led by never-ending anguish? Does the human mind and spirit have the power to overcome what seemingly must be? Would defying the laws of nature warrant a more truly fulfilling life?

The comically irregular, yet highly exalted heroes of Good vs. Medieval will be faced with these perplexing questions on a mission to thwart the deeds of not one, but two terrible demons allied through the most horrific and inexplicable weapon imaginable. This weapon: a supernatural, magical potion with the power to throw the world into complete chaos!

Keno, Gregor, Keeb, and Stumpy will not travel alone. They will be accompanied by Dannix, a young, steadfast chemist who prefers to show no interest in anything other than his craft, thus bearing an aloof, unsympathetic attitude toward life. Then there is Kittykat, a mysterious free spirit misplaced horizons away from home but takes the predicament in stride with a smile on her face and a song in her heart. Add a zany, forty-foot dragon named Indingo, who has the mentality of a four-year-old child, and the forces of darkness will not know what hit them!

What begins as a simple voyage on the ocean blue turns into big trouble when Good vs. Medieval suddenly come face-to-face with their number-one nemesis, Lord Critikul and the forces of Skullduggery, who try to achieve their most diabolical scheme ever— to resurrect the fiercest demon in history. Naturally the heroes refuse to let this happen without a fight, but it gets more complicated when Dannix wants a piece of the action too, hoping that this awakened archfiend can help solve a great turmoil that has haunted him since birth, even if it means defying common sense!

All the while, the night-and-day duo of Dannix and Kittykat take a more spiritual journey to the Crossroads of Souls, where choices in life end and destiny takes over. It is here that outward personas are stripped, true feelings are revealed, and the two find a harmony that goes deeper than either of them can imagine. No one would ever think that such a discovery could also pack a deadly curse! The path to the future, so obvious in its own right, yet so shadowed with mystery, hides a real terror that lies beyond any victory celebration that Good vs. Medieval can promise.