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Fantasy Art and Comics: Bluette, Celest, and Centura storm the bone fortress, fighting off skull riders and demon dogs in an epic battle

Die Happy


An epic battle rages on as Bluette, Celest, and Centura storm the bone fortress. Primary opposition consisted of a few demon dogs, which Celest, master of beast-slaying and looking hot in her scant outfit, easily took down with her halberd. Charmer Bluette had less luck enchanting them or even slashing them with her whip, but such shortcomings probably won't be written in the logbook. So it was up to sorceress Centura to take a risk. Running onto a balcony, crystal staff and bag of magic dust in hand, she performed a ritual to summon an elegant, blue-fire dragon. Whether it would wish to help, or in fact turn on our heroic damsels is still pending. Meanwhile, reinforcements rush in from the stairs; deformed skull riders answer the alarm with hatchets aloft. Surrounded, Bluette experiences a sinking feeling and goes trancelike as her hand lights up with magical fire. This surprises Celest, for her leader had not been know to contain such power. Let's hope she knows how to use it!