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Fantasy Art and Comics: Orcs popping the joints of a prisoner damsel on a torture rack.

Divinity Sweatshop


Churches need not spend all their gold on lavish decor thanks to this best-kept-secret entrepreneurship. For the mere cost of mead, ale, or even baked goods, any place of worship can order splendidly crafted idols of the Goddess. There was only one almighty figure, divine creator and savior, but luckily for these enterprising orcs, any wandering damsel, combined with the imperfections of a molten gold dip, makes a good enough likeness. If orcs were actually skilled at brewing mead, ale, or baking baked goods, they could retire from this racket but alas, why not profit from popping the joints of prisoners on a torture rack, which is what they do anyway? Divinity specializes in full-scale idols, but they also craft miniature charms and pendants. Their take on the industry: "what kind of demented race flaunts a torture device for jewelry?"