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Fantasy Art and Comics: Lesbian warriors ride a dragon through a church stained glass window

Mass Hysteria


Folks in the small town of Shendora believed in a prophecy— that one born with dragon's blood would someday calm the savage beast of Cloud Tickler Mountain and enlist its services. Generations have dreamed of who this man may be. Her being a woman was doubtful. Furthermore, her having a mate of the same sex was outrageous, a disgrace against the gods. How could this be? Such specimens were myths; blasphemous figments of imagination implanted by the devil. No one would dare defy the principles of Adam and Eve lest they burned at the stake. Perhaps legendary warriors Bluette and Celest had gotten wind of this and with their newfound ally sought to extinguish the foul stench of self-righteousness in the name of the gods. How's that for a story? The irony is, lesbians are the most real part of it; dragons and deities are still fairy tales.