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Fantasy Art and Comics: Waterville mayor Nick Isgro is a snowflake

Mass Hysteria

© Brian Vigue

Bluette and Celest demonstrate their brazenness by flying their pet dragon through a church. While this image has the usual Vigistry quotas, scantily-clad warrior women, scaly beasts, and magical lore, it also sets up a nice place for me to rant about injustices in the name of a god. While there are good people who, in times of trial and perseverance, assure that someone is watching over and blessing us, there are others who use that same principle to capitalize, provoke, and condemn lifestyles that in no way affect their own. There's two simple messages in this piece: you have your fantasies, I have mine; religious freedom works both ways. It's all good to indulge in what you enjoy as long as it doesn't infringe on others who might be offended. That's why this image was never shared on social media. It sits here silently; seeking it out and reading forth is the choice of the beholder.

Civic leaders need to keep religion in their pants. The argument that a deity's complexities cannot be understood by man does not grant a believer "inside information." Atheists are not Stalin; that's a fallacy. Atheists, though perplexed by creationists' logic, will generally let them be. Antitheists (that's the proper word) condemn people for their beliefs in a god— wow, just like zealots condemn disbelievers! Civic leaders who propagandize the wrongs of atheism aren't unifying their communities. Leaders who marginalize or belittle others because of creed initiate divisiveness. The mindset of the people steer from what's best for everybody to what's best for offending the leader who likes to offend. I'm sure all this is done for political reasons because if you like to save money, hating alternative lifestyles, loving Christ, and denying climate change all come with the package deal. Party affiliates remain bound by fixed criteria every single time, but the "political reasons" need to change. If some sort of universal harmony is sought to put the world back on track, it has to be done with a different story. Forced superstitions don't cut it anymore.

By the way, ever notice how those who accuse others of being sensitive snowflakes are the ones doing all the crying and being all butthurt? Yeah, you can keep that buzzword as a weapon. It shoots you in the face.