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Fantasy Art and Comics: Fish crossed with game: an elephant-stingray mutation flounders through an industrial valley.

Wasteland Fish and Game


This morning's traffic report was a scenario from the most unreal science fiction novel. A gigantic beast shaped like an elephant's head flounders across the land, flattening buildings in its path and kicking up belts of wind from its ears— or fins, rather. That single tusk is a stinger; It's some kind of mutated stingray! There's no ocean for miles; where this monstrous "eleray" goes after tromping through the industrial valley is anyone's guess.

Because it was digitally painted, this colored version of Fish and Game is not eligible for most local art shows. However, the original graphite piece did win first place in the other media division at the 2014 Maine Open Juried Art Show! Just think of everything here in black and white.