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Fantasy Art and Comics: Bluette's 3D comic strip (Flipstrip) about doors

Flipstrip: Doors


Bluette's nineteenth birthday picture is also a submission for a group obligation— because busy people like to kill several birds whenever possible. My local Art Society performs an annual project whose theme is determined in the summer, and what each artist puts down on canvas gets a show-and-tell in January. This year's theme was doors, so I made a little comic strip demonstrating different types of doors in children's book fashion. But not only does the comic have illustrations of doors, the media itself behaves like a door: a 3D comic strip I call a Flipstrip! This web page can't give you the hands-on effect of a 3D comic strip, but clicking the following links should give you an idea of how it works. (If you're viewing this on a desktop with this narrative window overlaying the picture, you might get better results minimizing the width of your browser to tablet-view— or hit the i button to toggle the window.)

The strip is presented as a 4 x 3.5 card. Panel 1 introduces a cat door with the feline of the house making an exit. Extending the z-fold shows panel 2 and the rest of the glass patio door where inside, Bluette hears a noise coming from the pantry and goes to investigate. Her entering the door is portrayed by unfolding the half to reveal panel 3, inside the pantry. She's surprised to see a bucket of who-knows-what tilting off a shelf, but the z-fold into panel 4 is sort of a live action showing the bucket falling to the floor, and what used to be the shelf's bracket becomes the floor's perspective. Indeed, when the cat's away, the mouse will dump crap on your head. With the moral of this rather nonsensical tale being said, the left side of the comic folds to panel 5, the end. And that's a Flipstrip about doors!