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Fantasy Art and Comics: Foxy pirate plushie from Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) DLC

FNAF: Sweet Dreams Foxy


Okay, so for those who have been living under rocks in 2015, Five Nights at Freddy's, or FNAF, by Scott Games, is the video game sensation of the year with four installments released in rapid-fire succession and possible DLC available at Halloween. (For an update on the FNAF story, check out the dream theory on YouTube.) Theme-wise, it's a survival horror game in which the protagonist tries to last the night against haunted, malfunctioning Chuck E Cheese-like animatronics in a children's party palace with jump-scares a-plenty. Simply put, it's a strategy game with minimal action and no adventure aspects. To me it's more entertaining as a watching game than a doing game, and the raw mechanics remind me of things I used to program on my C64 long ago. But what kept FNAF fans so riveted was the incredible ghost storytelling set up by the characters. What started as one security guard and a daily job briefing by "phone guy" turned into possibly the greatest whodunnit of the video game world. In Five Nights at Freddy's 4, the setting changed to a child's bedroom, and the animatronics took on new forms as deceptively cute plushies and full-blown monsters. Look out, kitty!

So, while watching Markiplier do his frantic screaming thing at every twitch of the control, my wife demanded a Foxy plushie. Foxy is the pirate fox who tends to be one of the more unpredictable antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's. I can imagine there's probably hundreds of Foxy and FNAF plushies out there by now, but I wanted to make my own because I'm like that. Unfortunately I have zero experience in plushie making, or sewing, or threading a needle, and I can't even grunt at a sewing machine properly, so this creation was all hand-sewn. It's not a cannon model of the cute Foxy found in the closet; I knew I wasn't going to nail that in planning a pattern.

Fabric virginity notwithstanding, why not go for the gusto and combine both of Foxy's forms? The cute, big-eyed version of Foxy fits somewhat like a hood over the skeletal animatronic snout ready to maul you in your sleep! The hood was meant to be fastened with Velcro but looked balloon-like, so it's more of an accessory while adorable terror is still captured in Foxy's main body with his robotic jaws made up of Goody hair clips and hook hand a plastic cup and coat hanger. And there's more! Press his ear to illuminate his demonic yellow eyes. Yes, I gave myself a crash course in LED wiring while I was at it. Turns out AK's fascinated by LEDs; just learned that yesterday.

Foxy was part fun, part test of patience but was completed in time for a surprise anniversary gift and Halloween. There are warps and crooked stitches, but he's a good first attempt. Foxy's sister Mangle might have had a similar beginning.