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Fantasy Art and Comics: Elle, a cute girl from Alembic Grimoire, shaves her bikini line (lab bikini girl)

For That Foxxy Feeling


"Look at me. Sadly your woman isn't me, but with Alembic Grimoire shaving fluff she can be lustrous like me. Now look: we're on a boat watching a manta with a hand growing out of its head. In my hand: it's forty ounces of that drink you like. Look again: it's the remote to the TV. Anything is possible when your woman feels like a woman and not a hairy beast. I'm on a mechanical bull." Comic MAX is an online community in which artists draw each others' characters based on random pairings twice a month. Elle, above, is from a series called Alembic Grimoire written by Nick Cobb aka Aphex. Usually the pairing of artists are sequential, but this time Aphex and I drew each others' names, so he got to draw my girls in swimsuits!