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Fantasy Art and Comics: Keno plays limbo tied to a log

The Brats


A scene from What Goes Around. The Brats are humanoid bats who deceive their victims by wearing cheap toy glasses with eyes pictured on them. GvM found out the hard way the penalty of trespassing onto their territory: all four of them were tied to log stakes and set aside on a table as the main course. This catch was so grand, the Brats celebrated with music and games.

If only Keno had his sword, he could cut his rope binds, but the team's weapons had been confiscated and set aside in a faraway pile. Undaunted, Keno shifted his weight and tilted off the table to where his toes could touch the ground. From there, he saw it as a simple tiptoe to the weapons pile. As long as he kept very quiet, he knew the blind Brats would never be wise to his plan.

This proved more challenging than expected, though, for an impromptu ring-around-the-rosy dance swept him up, and Keno, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, succumbed to prancing on his tiptoes tied to a eight-foot log. If that weren't bad enough, one more obstacle appeared between him and his sword: the limbo competition! The bar was only three feet off the ground, but Keno, like a true superhero, managed it with toes of steel!