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Fantasy Art and Comics: Good vs. Medieval fight a green dragon inside a treasure vault

In the Dragon's Lair


A scene from What Goes Around. Caged and helpless, Bluette needed rescuing, so it was up to GvM and a couple of tagalongs named Arnie and Vanhorn to do the job. Their idea was to gather the gold into a big pile and climb it to reach the cage. A huge mound was already present, so Vanhorn traversed it, making note of a strange heaving within. That was when the sleeping dragon revealed itself, and Vanhorn was taken for a ride. A lair filled with riches, a beautiful hostage maiden, and a green dragon guarding it all: Keno summed it up as the most unoriginal thing he had ever seen!

Gregor had a special item called an amplifier disc that, when hit with magic, could bring down the mighty beast. The trick, however, was attaching it to the frenzied foe. Stumpy volunteered for (was tricked into) this task as Arnie ran a distraction, dodging jets of fiery breath.

Panicked, Stumpy flung the disc haphazardly, missed his target, but found another unwilling recipient— Arnie! And to his chest the disc stuck. This was a setback indeed, but Gregor found the wits to deal with the snafu by ordering Arnie to quietly position himself at the dragon's rear. The wizard demanded its attention as he took cover under Bluette's cage and charged up his staff. Bluette cowered as the beast's yellow eyes briefly met hers. Suddenly a beam of holy light shot from Gregor's staff, directed at its target on the opposite side of the room but coursed straight through the dragon's body on its path, melting flesh and scales, weakening just enough to have no effect on Arnie himself. The dragon's limp neck fell forward, fangs hooking onto the floor of Bluette's cell, and there its steaming carcass was propped. The team let out a boisterous hurray, for not only was the threat gone, they now had a makeshift staircase!