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Fantasy Art and Comics: Good vs. Medieval chased by an electric demon



A scene from What Goes Around. GvM and world traders, Whack and Blight, intrude upon a Skullduggery stronghold powered by Lumparsky, a fiend made of electricity. Whack and Blight separated from the rest and discovered the control station, where they disabled alarms and activated doors, helping GvM's progress. But once the big boss was found, it was not a pretty standoff. One megavolt blast was all it took to drop all four heroes.

Witnessing this, Whack and Blight came to the rescue. World traders extraordinaire, these two had an extensive inventory. Lumparsky was so giddy by his victory, he was dumbfounded by Whack stepping up to him and asking him to hold a piece of wire. The electric demon glanced at the offering baffled, then noticed that the other end of the cord was attached to a pair of defibrillator paddles in Blight's fists. The same power that flatlined the heroes was used to jog their hearts, and up they sprang. Of course, GvM didn't want a repeat of round one, so their next strategy was to FIGHT 'EM LATER!