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Fantasy Art and Comics: Rule 34 Minerva from Transformers Masterforce

Masterforce Minerva


Minerva doesn't get any love. It could be because no one under the age of 35 knows who she is or that she isn't gay Knockout porn. I think the latter. Masterforce came out in 1988, a Japanese extension of good old fashioned G1. Minerva then had a cameo appearance in Victory after having jettisoned her human counterpart. This I-bot has a twist as it's not the robot with transparent armor but the human! While human Minerva was in her teens back in the 80s, many years have passed so here she is at age 34. Heh, Rule 34. What's the rule for the modified age disclaimer, 69? A bit of an obscure selection but certainly part of the Transformers continuum— which continuum that is, before or after Cybertron was organic, inhabited by Quintessons, a Transformer itself, or blew up— I don't know. Quick, Minerva, rescue that holographic puppy!