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Fantasy Art and Comics: Nautica from Transformers Lost Light, More Than Meets the Eye, MTMTE, IDW Comics



Who's hard, purple, and full of seamen— er, holomatter? This Interface-bot known as Nautica, from the IDW Transformers Lost Light comic, formerly known as More Than Meets the Eye, also known as MTMTE. My wife, formerly known as Artemis Prime, also known as Cavalierconvoy, requested her after seeing how well Strongarm came out. Nautica is a fun, carefree spirit who wields a wrench and has ballast tanks for miles! I like her colors. It's a little known fact that one of my favorite toys from back in the day was Bombshell, just because he was purple, yellow, and black, so I enjoyed using this palette. I-Nautica is riding a sort of cross between a water balloon and Torpedo Ted from Super Mario World in true pin-up style. I'll keep the detailed version here, though.