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Fantasy Art and Comics: Strongarm from Transformers Robots in Disguise (RiD)



Do your eyes deceive you, or is this a new Vigistry I-bot after 13 years? Yes, G1 Arcee was the last one. I've heard a lot about Strongarm from Robots in Disguise recently. My wife says she looks hot affixed to an electromagnet. There was some drama recently regarding someone's G1-Abercrombie-Fitch-style rendition. Then of course, my favorite, "For Bulk You Head". But a real tragedy befell Skype friend Skidblast as her purchased artworks of Strongarm were mercilessly banished to the Pit, so to help rebuild the collection, this meager replacement will be included in a Holiday care package. There was one special condition for this drawing: make her beefy, not "G1-style", so I gave her SUV thighs, big tires, and big... hubcaps. Oh, she also had to be safe for work, so no Bulk You Head stuff. I think there are Decepticons that need kapowing, so Strongarm is doing her na-na-na-na BATMAN sprint.

An I-bot is a mechanical skeleton dressed in transparent armor, a term derived from those stupid Mac computers from the late 90s that hold no relevance today. Early I-bots had mannequin protoforms, while Arcee and Strongarm follow a skeletal model. I like these, so I can't relate them to Apple products. I need an actual Transformers term, so I'm thinking back to the original female Autobots on Cybertron, all of which were I'ed, by the way. The first word that comes to mind: "Interface!" Yes! These shall be Interface Bots. Cool, I changed the association without having to change the name.