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Fantasy Art and Comics: IDW Optimus Prime comics Victorion, I-bot style



Here they are: Pyra Magna, Rust Dust, Jumpstream, Dust Up, Stormclash, and Skyburst, the orange-red, teal Torchbearers who merge into a 70's bowling alley— no, Victorion, from Combiner Wars and the Optimus Prime IDW comics series! This massive lesbian orgy underwent three design concepts within the past year. Victorion standing tall and mighty, translating to a cheerleader pyramid of protoforms, wasn't as simple as it seemed. One criterion was to have all six robots be the same size; I wasn't into Magna being an amazon and Rust Dust being a sex dwarf. But doing it this way meant Victorion's broad shoulders and long legs really put a stretch on Magna, and the whole thing looked off balance.

So I went really artistic with the final design, giving more sexuality to the sixsome and displaying Victorion in a pose that her tipsy brick toy could never actually pull off: sitting sophistically cross-legged. None of the protoforms inside actually adhere to proper mechanical placement or even depth; they're just piled in a bunch of interlocking sensuous poses to form the shape of the laid back giant. I fixed Victorion's long leg dilemma by giving her stylish boots instead of sandals.

This I-bot was pretty darn complicated to make. While I said this form of Victorion was an artistic approach, it also brought out the code developer in me because of all the "moving parts" that needed to work in harmony. The protoforms are doing key things such as Rust Dust's butt grab, Stormclash coptering a feel on her twin, and Dust Up regretting her mask, so negative spaces within the outer shell needed to be positioned in ways to clearly show those things. Having a poster to view up close doesn't hurt, either. Over fourteen pages of kibble were drawn, but a lot of it was removed during composition. Skyburst was the toughest to orchestrate as she has so much propeller kibble, it needed to be placed as unobtrusively as possible. Her blade partially obscures her winking face. She's apparently the strongest of the bunch, carrying the whole team on her shoulders. The Cybertronian text on Jumpstream's arm reads "Love Machine".

After a battle with I-Bruticus, I-Victorion sits alongside the Kennebec on her Riverwalk throne.