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Fantasy Art and Comics: Kai Tilanne, Knight of the Basilisk

Knight of the Basilisk


She is Kai Tilanne, shadowy companion of Sir Tiercel Reyes. A Rhunvala, warrior-priest of the dark elven god, she is able to call upon divine strength and fights with the courage born of absolute faith. She carries the Emerald of Karria on a mission to trade it to a dungeon for a weapon that could utterly destroy humanity.

But she was not always Kai Tilanne. Once, she was only Tilanne Murres, a young Morvalan woman whose life changes forever in one terrible night of fire and blood. A dying Rhunvala names her his successor, a shocking deed born of desperation. In all the history of her people, no woman has ever aspired to such an office.

Tilanne is determined to follow this new path, although it means defying convention and giving up her chance at marriage and family. She must journey to the Citadel of the Basilisk to prove herself worthy.

This is her story.