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Fantasy Art and Comics: Roy and a skeleton warrior army from Dinosaur Games' MechKnight Chronicles: Knightfall

MechKnight Chronicles: Yo Roy, Behind You!


Roy is a golden-armored knight from the (at the time of this writing) in-production video game MechKnight Chronicles: Knightfall, by Dinosaur Games. I've had the honor of playing an early version, which plays like a classic side-scroller brawl. It's pretty hot so far, although in the version I played, you're gonna get ganged up on whether playing with one or two heroic characters— so I guess this depiction would be pretty accurate for now. I'm mostly familiar with the skeleton knights, but I threw in some other things for background flavor— artistically licensed craziness. There's even an elephant in the background that might or might not make the cut in the final production. Anyway, if you're into classic-style games with updated fluidity, you might like Mechknight Chronicles. Check on its progress frequently.