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Fantasy Art and Comics: Tina throws kunai at a giant skeleton warrior in Dinosaur Games' MechKnight Chronicles: Knightfall

MechKnight Chronicles: Semi-Automatic Assassin


More art from MechKnight Chronicles: Knightfall, by Dinosaur Games. Tina was the second character to join Roy in early production for two-player goodness. In the game, she throws knives as well as kicks them, which suggests she has quite an arsenal hidden in her boots. Quick and flexible, she does a mid-air flip, chucking kunai at the hand of a giant skeleton warrior and reaching into her holster for more ammo. The digits fall like bottles on a fence. Now, I don't know if giant skeleton warriors actually exist in the game at its current stage in production but, if they do, I'd probably use this relentless style of attack to take them down! And for another cool look, let's try draining the colors.