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Fantasy Art and Comics: Transformers IDW Lost Light Skids, Chromedome, and Brainstorm in Swerve's Bar



A Skids, a Chromedome, and a Brainstorm walk into a bar. What happens next is drama that only today's Transformers comics can pull off. Used to be that they'd pout and overcompensate for a few minutes, go kick some Decepticon afterburner, roll credits, and start the new episode like nothing ever happened. Skids really wants to open that Pandora's box in his head against Chromedome's urging to leave better off alone, they have a bit of a bicker, and finally Skids walks off— to be horribly scrapped in a later issue. Sheesh, how is Hasbro going to sell super-power upgrade toys with arm-jacking, pizza-throwing action when they keep killing off the characters? Oh, start a new noncontinuitous series, right!

Anyway, welcome to Swerve's, the Lost Light watering hole. Used to be energon only came in purple, but now they have soda, OJ, purple stuff, and Sunny E, which is what Brainstorm is drinking. Look at all the bots on page two. Look at them! I see Grapple, Hoist, Smokescreen, Mirage, Hound... Off screen is Jack Nicholson regretting his life choices. I do like the colorful casts that the energon dispensers provide. Note how the yellow one reflects off the shrine to Trailcutter, Trailbreaker, Trailbutter, Brakecutter, or NORM as I like to call him. Happy accident. The jukebox is on random.

Cav's finishing touches were put on the inks in November 2016, and I started coloring in April. After months of poking at it and not really liking it, I scrapped it after Halloween, made a deal with our local crossroads demon, and started over with a more fine art approach, and what originally took weeks took only hours this time. Happy birthday, Memories!