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Fantasy Art and Comics: Bluette as a My Little Ponies unicorn

My Little Bluette


Bronies are strange. You gotta imagine that even if the Ponies were humanized, they'd be, like, twelve. I never know whether to call PETA or Pedobear. Anyway, "Your characters as ponies" was the theme of the day's art challenge. I've never seen the new My Little Ponies cartoon so, just to have a foothold for my next guy's night, sports bar visit, or man competition, I at least drew one. Bluette here is a unicorn— well, not really; that's her intimate fantasy. It appears she has the voltage cranked up, or it's just malfunctioning. The cutesy mark (it's funny to hear guys say "cutesy mark") on her butt was inspired by one of the last scenes from the movie Requiem for a Dream, so if you know what that's all about, fine. That's Pony Bluette in a nutshell— er, horsehide. Clop, clop!