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Fantasy Art and Comics: Ophelia is a sexy steampunk general with steampunk crossbows on mechanical wings

Ophelia's Crossbow Wings


Atop Fort 470, Guardswoman Ophelia readies a counterattack against airborne enemy troops. She's not your typical archer, though. No, this is an alternate steampunk universe where everything is done elaborately grand. Behold her ultimate weapon: ten semi-automatic crossbows mounted onto mechanical wings. That's why they call Ophelia the anti-aircraft angelic assassin! Battle plans calculated on her modernized combat data assistant (today called a tablet), she counts down to offering some pretty heavy firepower. Her wings could potentially transform into a backpack, diagram pending, but is it practical? Heck no! Can she ride with them on a train? Probably not. But it's wicked cool so who cares? As long as Ophelia doesn't have to clear any doorways and is careful not to shoot herself in the head, she's all set.

I wanted to frame this piece with some kind of accent, so I sorted through some old jewelry at work and crafted a gold crossbow out of earrings, pendants, wire, and a stick pin. A section of bracelet forms the bow. The whole piece measures about three inches long. It lost its original purpose of being an accent and became its own artwork that accompanies the image in an industrial-style wood and gold metal hybrid frame. The whole steampunk presentation was displayed in the 2017 Maine Open Juried Art Show and won a blue ribbon!