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Fantasy Art and Comics: Bluette's cleavage is a printing press pinch point

Pinch Point: Watch Your Hands!


Pinch points are places on heavy machinery that can snatch clothing and body parts, and that's why the warning signs typically show a hand being crunched between a couple of gears. Printing presses, with their complex roller assemblies, are notorious for these hazards. Here, Bluette demonstrates offset printing by running some sheets through her plate and blanket cylinders while cooling off with some fountain solution. As the signs say, hands away from the cleavage—err, pinch point. The slap across your face might sting.

Drawn in 2008, this piece was originally meant to spoof the mascot of a print shop I used to work at (The actual mascot was also my creation, though not as provocative; Bluette could flog him easily). It was titled "Morale is Up", but a year later, fate had other plans. Today the work floors lie barren, and somewhere out there is an industrial paper cutter with a magnet of this curvaceous copier stuck to it.