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Fantasy Art and Comics: Bluette's bio pin-up



Created: December 31, 1995

Other physical information: Bluette always wears hoop earrings and has a butterfly tattoo on her inner right thigh.

Occupation: Exotic dancer, singer and lead guitarist for the band Blade Ballet.

Habits: Bluette likes parties, dancing, flirting, wearing provocative clothing and making herself the center of attention. She'll make fun of stupid-looking men and "skinny girls" whenever she gets the chance.

Classic BluetteHistory: Bluette first appeared in Good vs. Medieval's What Goes Around as a common damsel with a knack of always getting into trouble. She was first discovered caged inside a dragon's lair, and introduced herself by quipping that she "blew it again", thus she earned her name. Immediately after being rescued, she was paired with the equally arrogant and shallow Wondero but eventually became so sick of his idiocy, she tried to kill him. This failed, however; it was she who met her demise and ultimate destruction by being shot in the back with an arrow, then later tossed into a volcano. But Bluette's horrible death did not mean the end of her. She was just too pretty to be forgotten. A pictorial series started in 1998, and her new life began.

Bluette today: What can I say? She's a bitch— a selfish, demanding prima donna. She thinks she's perfect, and that's still not good enough. Unmotivated and too good for a challenge, she'll use her charms and sex appeal to get what she wants. She prefers to surround herself with men, for she enjoys playing with them like puppets. Manipulation is her true strength; she can utilize it to get through tough situations or merely for enjoyment. Most women are snubbed with a turned-up nose; in Bluette's mind, they don't deserve to share the same air as she. The world is her stage, and riffraff with tiny chests need not audition. Bluette's physical principle is that any strenuous activity should be done either for enjoyment or the necessity of staying fit. She will spend hours doing aerobics at the gym but will also find the closest parking spot so she won't have to walk far to the door. She speaks with a confident, sophisticated voice, but her intellect is indeed a product of doing very little for herself. Sometimes she will blurt out ridiculous assessments common of a dimwitted blonde but will quickly realize her error and turn her nose up as if it never happened. Rarely does she attempt an unknown task herself.

Fashion-wise, Bluette loves bright, flashy colors, experimental styles, and anything that shows off her legs or accentuates her breasts— whatever attracts attention. Hobbies include modeling, which came naturally, and playing guitar. This she was taught at an impressionable age before becoming holier than thou. She will brag about her musical talent, but her lack of "unnecessary" practice is nothing to be proud of, and the Blade Ballet project usually remains on hiatus.

Celest is the only woman that Bluette respects, and this is probably due to Celest agreeably knowing her place in the pecking order. The two are best friends and regular lovers, though Bluette calls herself uncommitted as she likes to explore other areas, too. Inversely, there tends to be friction between Bluette and Centura. Bluette simply doesn't understand the crazy redheaded witch and, like all things she doesn't understand, will often ignore or demean her without fear. In pictures that feature the trio, Bluette and Centura seldom interact with each other.