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Fantasy Art and Comics: Celest's bio pin-up



Created: January 1, 1998

Other physical information: None.

Occupation: Freelance outerwear designer, bass guitarist for the band Blade Ballet.

Habits: Celest likes outdoor activities such as exploring, wilderness adventures, cycling, canoeing, and other strenuous activities. If stuck inside, she'll read books on history— anything to increase her knowledge or wisdom.

Classic CelestHistory: Celest shares the same sign as Bluette and almost the same birthday, although Celest came onto the scene two years later in a separate Good vs. Medieval adventure. Her expertise in cave exploration and archeology once made her a target of the forces of darkness, and like her blonde counterpart, she too was taken captive. Only difference was— Celest was never rescued! Our heroes actually lost interest in looking for her, and the story was never finished. This left Celest very insecure, and she's had a fear of being forgotten ever since. To some, this would mean the start of a more competitive lifestyle, but rather than pointlessly trying to one-up Bluette, Celest chose to hitch onto the queen B's popularity.

Celest today: Of the trio, Celest is the strongest, smartest, most disciplined and well-behaved. She's also the quiet one, which leads her to think that she's also insignificant, and that a repeat of being stranded might reoccur. Being a designer of backpacks and boots, Celest's occupation neighbors that of something Bluette favors greatly— fashion design— and oftentimes she will be hounded to change careers. Celest always seems to have one foot planted in practicality and the other on the wild side. Her conundrum is a difficult one, for she finds constant exposure to Bluette's raunchiness morally stressful. Friends say that she should pursue a meaningful life with her first love, archeology, rather than grow stale succumbing to Bluette's bad influences. But Celest is a dedicated, traditional type; the notion of family always wins out. She binds the trio; she is the buffer, the cool head who eases hostility between the other two with wise, caring words. Sometimes the stress can be too much, so Celest will use outdoor activity as an escape, taking up to an entire week off from her "family". It's then she hopes to make additional friends. Stamina and fitness is one area she'll instigate competition but in a sporting way. She won't brag about her good looks. Her superior intelligence, though, sometimes lends to playful jabs toward her girlfriends, but these usually fly over their heads anyway.

Celest's ensemble consists mostly of earth-toned casual wear to compliment her lifestyle. When out partying, she fancies skin-tight leather. Other areas of interest include antiquing and cooking exotic meals. Playing bass guitar for Blade Ballet was by Bluette's insistence, but Celest actually does this well through dedication and practice. Still, she doesn't see it as a noteworthy accomplishment.

Celest used to be straight as an arrow until she fell for Bluette's charms. Now she gives her full devotion to the blonde, though sometimes she questions why. Is her love true or is she just in desperate need of some kind of security? Nevertheless, she's honored to be the only respected female in Bluette's eyes. Celest accepts Centura begrudgingly. Her biggest problem is that many people mistake the redhead for her; both their names starting with "Ce" and both sporting wavy hair doesn't help. She doesn't dare make Centura upset for fear of being hexed.