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Fantasy Art and Comics: Centura's bio pin-up



Created: March 11, 1999

Other physical information: Centura has multiple piercings along her ear ridge and will often dye her hair black.

Occupation: Night watch person, drummer for the band Blade Ballet.

Habits: Housing the rudimentary soul of a demon, Centura practices forms of witchcraft and attempts to make friends with spirits, especially evil ones.

History: When Bluette and Celest collaborated on Blade Ballet, Bluette saw a problem: you can't be the center of attention when only two subjects are involved. So Centura was hired to round off the piece. She started out quiet and timid, allowing the other girls to boss her around while maintaining a smile. Then when she learned about their respectively pitiful run-ins with Good vs. Medieval, she stepped up to the plate and demonstrated "the proper way to do it"— as an evil nemesis possessed by a powerful demon. The heroes eventually vanquished Centura in the end but could not completely exorcise the dark forces within her.

Centura today: Having accepted and embraced the trait that makes her a "one-of-a-kind special person," Centura takes pleasure in creeping out others. She threatens bodily harm to people who irritate her, but whether she follows through is yet to be witnessed. She wishes to someday do magic. At one time she interacted with her girlfriends quite pleasantly in pictorial role-plays, but recently such things became a chore. She now speaks very little, grumbles, and glares at them a lot. She claims to dislike interaction with other people, but this is untrue. How else could she earn the gratification of laughing at human misery if no one's around to cause it? With this type of attitude, it's difficult to say what her sexual preference is, or if she's even a virgin. This is the biggest target of jabs by Bluette, who doesn't buy the whole evil spirit act. In return, Centura will often ridicule Bluette's fear of fire, snakes, and bugs— something that doesn't work so well against nature-child Celest, but a simple "ooga-booga" usually keeps her in check. This puts Centura in the position of being the practical joker of the trio. If in a sunny or cheerful environment, she'll pass the time lounging, reading, snacking, and daydream about some kind of disaster that would make the current setting more exciting. If caught in a party with her girlfriends, she'll seek out a shaded spot and keep downing alcohol until either she loosens up enough to interact, conjures a spell that works, or passes out.

Centura prefers to wear goth-style outfits: leather, chains, spikes, etc. Sometimes she'll exceed on make-up to fashion her face like a porcelain doll's or a true demon's. Centura collects weapons and various macabre artifacts— some of these she stole from Celest. She plays drums for Blade Ballet with a great amount of intensity, as if she's taking out her frustrations of the world on them. It's very difficult for the band to perform a slow number.

Centura loves to intimidate Celest and enjoys pointing out that her demon friends were the ones responsible for kidnapping the brunette in the first place, calling it a "small world", and she knows Celest will back down from otherworldly threats. There used to be a pecking order between the two in favor of Celest, but that's been abolished. Friction ever increases between Centura and Bluette. The leash is a symbol of Bluette's control over the trio, but Centura wears it proudly, and this alone unsettles the blonde. In the wake of especially bratty rifts, Centura resumes brushing up on her dark magic and wishes to someday take down the queen B.