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Fantasy Art and Comics: Bluette is a sexy post-apocalyptic meter maid with parking meter bustier and no parking sign

Meter Maid (W.I.P.)


A work in progress: might as well let the spiders nibble on this for a bit. It's 2017! Time to look around, hear what folks are talking about, and sex it up like a fantasy pin-up artist! Post-apocalyptic (2018?) Bluette is back, and she's looking for violator blood! She'll take cash or coin to validate your parking— depends where you want to stuff your donation. Parking meter bustier and broken hubcap crown; what started as a series of turning various things into fashion is now a commentary piece of sorts.

Vigistry has been keeping up to date on the Downtown Waterville situation, depicting a fantasy passenger rail and publicly, Colby College's acquisition of property. But now this equal-opportunity artist is approaching things from a different angle. It's tough to hide what everyone's talking about. Today in downtown news: progress! Almost overnight we went from "no one wants to come here" to "there's no parking". With the notion of the rail alone costing about nine billion, never mind the train, bridge, and finery, it was a safe bet that all our cars wouldn't be leaving anytime soon. While this artist is most curious about how the City will meet its end goal of enticing pedestrians to tour and shop its downtown, the types of shops we can expect to see, and how much use there will be for a boutique hotel and another restaurant, motor traffic and parking is the hot topic of the day. Hopefully common sense will prevail for the 2017 Renaissance with clear down-to-earth planning, public reasoning, and meter maids like Bluette who aren't afraid to bash someone's head open with a "no parking" sign. Why else are they made out of razor sharp sheet metal and not Nerf?