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Fantasy Art and Comics: A rib cage spider crawling on a web of gore

Red Light Reunion


An otherworldly possession took place in which the victim's body parts went on separate vacations. Tainted with the behavior of a spider, a creepy, animated rib cage builds a web out of the stringy, gory remains of the deceased. I love Halloween, the whole autumn season. It's more than costume parties and trick-or-treaters at your door; it's October, the chill in the air, pumpkin spice, decorations, and the rich blue hue of a clear sky as a backdrop to fiery yellow and red leaves. Very inspiring. So refreshing, I forgot somebody's rib cage was up in that tree!

Eight hours later, moonlight shines through for a gloomy, chilly feel. A time of year so nice, I had to finish this picture twice. Did I mention I love Halloween?