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Fantasy Art and Comics: Salvia-absinthe, the green and purple sticky fairy



It's fun, if not rather embarrassing, for the wife and I to sport our Tree Spirits absinthe T-shirts on the same day. Now onto the topic of T-shirts in no way endorsed by our local winery: this parody design says why stop at absinthe? For a real good time, light up some salvia, too! Because it's really not enough to giggle uncontrollably at the gas station monster you thought of while imaginary hands were coming out of your mouth; you need the 120 proof drink that demands you pick up the pencil and sketch your heart out. Or you could be like my wife and hallucinate a normal Facebook chat about darkrooms. Results may vary. Absinthe is charmingly known as the green fairy. Purple Sticky is a salvia brand. Voila, you have Salviabsinthe, the green and purple sticky fairy, chilling far out atop a hybrid herb of wormwood and salvia divinorum. This picture might prettify alcohol and drug use, but these two sinful things happen to be perfectly legal!