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Fantasy Art and Comics: honeybees with audio/video cables connect with electronic flowers, TOC Media

Second Nature


In a post-apocalyptic world, some survivors were man-made. A futile attempt at battling colony collapse disorder had resulted in engineers manufacturing honeybees and flowers that were half electronic, half organic. The first generation appeared friendly enough and carried out its basic natural duties but over time, the mutation became an atrocity. The bees were endowed with plug-ins, and the flowers underwent several versions of the latest social media apps to keep their cyber visibility at peak and draw in those big, high-scoring pollinations. The evil masterminds who created these abominations died long ago, but their selfies and nonsensical hash tags live on in their creations.

A family-friendly variant of this painting was collaborated with a local woman who's a little selfie-obsessive herself, as hype for her company's social media event. Here, the A/V cables were the bees' legs, and it was a free-standing, 3D piece. By her pitch, I was curious to see if there really was something to this social media return apart from batch-adders, e-peeners, and pinheads. The one thing I did learn: you have to actually promote your event in the first place to avoid disappointing results. And this person swears by Constant Contact? More like constant irony. Since that little snafu, this new version of the painting, with the bees' heads ripped off and the A/V cables stuffed down their carapaces, was finalized to my liking. Now that's Vigistry style!

2017 update: It seems no one in this town knows how to use social media. Asking a small organization what they do results in a copy-paste of their mission statement. Inquiring about a recent event gets you a copy-paste of a one-sentence tagline. Well, I can read your mission statement on your website or your little tagline on your Facebook event. Talk to me like a person. Get my interest. Yes, the latter has to do with the selfie queen mentioned above. Everything else vague and Constantly Stupid is probably tied to her, too.