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Fantasy Art and Comics: Wulfie is a sexy video game nerd with PlayStation controller and Zelda bikini

Sexy Video Game Nerd


It's Wulfie from AK Cyrway's Apocrypha universe, with PlayStation controller in hand. I'll need to ask my wife if I can adopt this cheeky young lady. AK's rendition of her in rave attire and glow sticks hangs next to my computer, so it was time for a pin-up. This is Wulfie's forth Vigistry appearance, tying her with her roommate, Reese. Heh, tying roommates together. Ahem— I like the pigtails. She looked sexy for Halloween, but her gelled hair didn't produce the full Wulfie effect. Then for my girl-on-girl volleyball competition she was the most modestly dressed as that's what her gamer persona really dictates. But this time the picture isn't gift art for AK, it's one for me, so here's Wulfie in the beach outfit I could have put her in. She's the sassiest gamer I ever heard, she's the sexy video game nerd. Funny how she's not a Nintendo fan, but I put classic Zelda-items print on her clothes anyway. This site is becoming a game of "find Link's bombs".