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Fantasy Art and Comics: Elfin warrioress Ariana Mirida fights an alligator snake woman in Silversilk



Ariana Mirida is ready to answer the call to adventure. She means to clear her family name and restore her ancestral holdings. The fact that the Emerin is a kingdom without a king, torn apart by decades of war and now in the hands of a Council of scheming lords, does not deter her in the slightest.

Accompanied by Mischa Narrin. human priest of the goddess Talopea, Ariana undertakes a quest that is bound to make the Council notice her. She sets off to retrieve the Emerald of Karria. which is said to have the power to know a true king.

But Ariana is not the only one seeking the Emerald. And the dangers of the wild northern woods— crazed shaper mages and their monstrous creations, desolate ruins, and the guardians of Kama's Temple— are nothing compared to the peril she'll face from one renegade knight and his deadly Morvalan companion.