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Fantasy Art and Comics: A guro pinball machine featuring a murdering maid with killer vacuum cleaner

Slaughter Maid Simple


Guro is a twisted illustrative genre that depicts utmost gore or anything utterly disgusting enjoyed by certain disturbed individuals. Somewhat disturbed myself, I gave it a shot in a freakish art trade with a comic artist named AOD. The chick with the killer vacuum cleaner is AOD's mad maid, Sera Sierra, and the "title screen" alone was what I initially brought to the table, playing it up a bit. I mean, look at all the bright red blood! That's a disembodied hand coming out of the vacuum cleaner; how shocking is that? It's guro at its finest!... Nah, it's not. It gets far more sadistic than that. The rest of the picture* shows a grotesque pinball machine made out of a disemboweled corpse with organs for bumpers, guts for chutes, and flashing lights surgically implanted into the tissue. Now that's guro! I can imagine digesting a pinball is difficult in any respect; it's not very streamlined, and it doesn't look like a whole lot of fun to play, so this image might be teaching us erroneous things. *Not safe for work— duh!