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Fantasy Art and Comics: Six girls in a sexy three-on-three bikini volleyball match (bcc invitational)

Spikes n' Smiles


Summer's not over without a bikini volleyball match on the beach. This three-on-three competition pits Bluette, Celest, and Centura against AK Cyrway's Apocrypha girls, Reese, Nata, and Wulfie. Looks like we got some alpha female action going on: Reese spikes, and Bluette does what she does best: asserts herself. Volleyballs aren't the only fast-moving spheroids Centura has to protect herself against. It's pretty clear that this match is deteriorating quickly. What's Wulfie doing? A schoolkid prank on Celest. How classy.

And this rivalry is far from over. Thanks again to AK, Bluette and Reese will be at it again during the Holidays!