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Fantasy Art and Comics: Bluette showering behind a door of framers' glass

The Choice is Clear


My wife and I own a little downtown shop called The FrameMakers, an art store that puts that special decorative touch on paintings, posters, or whatever commemorative thing you want framed or shadowboxed. AK is a Certified Picture Framer (CPF) recognized by the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA). I know, it sounds as if I'm making all this up, but the certification and association are real, as is the regular picture framers' convention— no costume required. It's at these functions where one can preview the future of dry-mounting, discuss new preservation methods, and bow to the god that is museum glass. For now I'm still in the camp of finding such gatherings interesting for about ten minutes— certainly not a place you'd expect to find Bluette. This shower scene, a promotion for museum glass, is interesting because not only was it AK's idea, she suggested Bluette be the model.

If you know nothing about the various types of picture glass, great! The shower door demonstrates. On top is top-of-the-line museum glass with its unmatched clarity; it's as if Bluette could reach out and slap your face. On the bottom is non-glare glass, which is okay if the part you're looking at doesn't get lost in the ghosting of your face. And for those conservative in finances and decency, the money-shot pane is made up of conservation clear glass. Try photographing something through this for your next gallery newsletter. I like AK's attitude: everything's more fun with a pin-up girl! And incidentally, cold water was used to prevent steaming of the glass— or was it? We'll never know!