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Fantasy Art and Comics: Transformers Prime Arcee

Transformers Prime Arcee


Not to be confused with the G1 femme bot of the same name, it's Transformers Prime Arcee in I-bot style. This one has a much pointier anatomy than her counterpart, and she transforms into a down-to-earth motorcycle rather than a pink Cybertronian thingamajig. I took her to the 2017 Cirque Du Geek Con to have her signed by Prime producer Jeff Kline.

Now let's see what the Tumblrites have to say: "Tag your porn. There are mechlings on this site!" Hmm. Sounds like a dissatisfied customer, although there are three things wrong with that statement. One, it's not porn. Two, I doubt there are kids on Tumblr. Three, if there are kids on Tumblr, they're probably there for the porn as it's just so easy to find. I was later informed that the above comment was a compliment. Oh, Tumblr, you collection of crazy fannonbinaries.