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Fantasy Art and Comics: Elfin warriors duel with swords in Truegold



Rescued from prison by her friend Mischa and a young seeker-mage named Kevan, Ariana Mirida suddenly finds she has a new quest... or a repeat of the original one. The Emerald of Karria is in the hands of her enemy, Sir Tiercel. And the Emerald of Karria is the only thing that can prove the true identity of Ariana's newest companion.

He claims to be Wyndrel Perras, prince and rightful king of the Emerin. Betrayed by Sir Tiercel when he refused to turn to Morvalan ways, and locked away for eight years in the deepest dungeon, he is driven by his desire for righteous revenge. Golden-haired, tawny-eyed, and handsome in a way foreign to most elves— being especially broad of shoulder and deep of voice— he is also a brooding, seething, arrogant man with a quick temper and the prowess and strength to settle his battles decisively.

The four of them, in secrecy and silence, leave the city in pursuit of Sir Tiercel. Their mission will lead them across the uncharted wilds of the Emerin, to a final confrontation on the rocky slopes of a dormant volcano. But Ariana and Wyndrel will each find that the greatest challenge they must face is the fact that he cannot stand her, she cannot stand him, but at the same time they are compellingly drawn toward each other.

Unknowing of any of this, the Starleaf Council continues to deal with their challenge. The Emerin must have a king, and with the support of the powerful Archmage Kysander Feyna, it is becoming clear that Count Elyvorrin might be able to claim the throne. If, that is, the count's premature attempt at revenge against Ariana's father, Arien Mirida, does not bring him down first.

(For his excellence in looking good on the battlefield, Wyndrel gets the Wondero award!)

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