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Fantasy Art and Comics: Bluette in a sexy vampire costume, Celest in a sexy devil costume, and Centura in a sexy witch costume trick-or-treat on Halloween

Want More Candy x 3


Happy Halloween! Over 9000 years ago, my girls went on a little trick-or-treating spree. Two years later I drew the sequel, which wasn't really a sequel because it was with characters who weren't mine from a whole other universe, and the two risk implosion if they ever crossed over. Ten years after that, being right now, I can't say I capped a trilogy as the second wasn't really a sequel to the first, and this isn't really a sequel to the first either. It's a reboot because the costumes are the same— sort of like lost footage from 2005. Bluette still rocks her sexy vampire persona as she feeds treats to the devilish Celest, and the bewitching Centura provides offerings of Mary Janes to conjure up a spook that kinda resembles an ectoplasmic sperm. Fair enough. The setting did change from a rather cardboard-looking haunted house to a more residential location that may or may not get TP'ed later. But it's all decked out with pumpkins, lights, spider webs, a Grim Reaper scarecrow, and one of those nostalgic owl cutouts from days of old. Takes me back to fun times.