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Fantasy Art and Comics: The Striga, from The Witcher video game

The Witcher: Striga


One day I decided to enter a Witcher art contest for the hell of it. (I've never even heard of the game!) I think it has something to do with laying women and collecting nudie trading cards but nonetheless, pictured is a creature called a striga, which looks like Street Fighter II's Blanca on a really bad day, and she is the result of a curse placed on Princess Adda for being a child of royal incest. So with the striga being denied sanctuary in its tomb at dawn, the curse is broken as demonstrated in this sequence. Now, if you're playing the American version of this game, sorry, you can't handle the bare butt, so a gown magically appears on the princess where there was no gown before. The above makes more sense, unlike nudie trading cards.