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Fantasy Art and Comics: Bluette flashes her tits for a sexy Saint Patrick's Day party

Your Lucky Day


We follow the rainbow to a Saint Patty's Day celebration at the local Irish pub— wait, does this mean it's a gay bar? Celest, the brunette of this bar joke, takes a seat and orders a Guiness. As usual she's the sensible one because she set her limit, and she's the patron. The other two are on serving duty and drinking all the profits! The urge to flash everyone is why Bluette shouldn't bartend on Saint Patty's Day. How lucky can one be to find such large four-leaf clovers?

This picture is an extension of a six-year-old portrait version of Bluette flashing her clovers. Notorious for being ratted out on Facebook, it was labelled as unsuitable content for a few hours until the platform determined that clovers aren't nudity any more than cut-outs of male nipples onto female breasts are. Who makes these rules?